1. We really wanted to do a ghost tour as well… had one scheduled… but we got rained out and were leaving the next morning. Next time!!

  2. Such a beautiful city…and one of my favorites in the US. I love exploring the French Quarter, especially. I’ve done ghost and vampire tours and those are so fun.

  3. New Orleans is near the top of my must see list. My youngest kid has been there twice when he visited his birth mom. I’m jealous!

  4. This is a great resource! I’ll have to refer back to this for when my teenager heads to New Orleans with his Jazz band this summer.

  5. What a fun packed trip – and a belly packing trip. I think I would not be able to move with all that amazing food!

  6. Wow! Those pictures of the Cathedral were incredible! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. We may need to add New Orleans as an upcoming adventure! Thank you for sharing.

  7. This totally makes me want to go. It looks like you had an amazing time. I’ve had beignets, but not from New Orleans. It’s on our bucket list.

  8. You all can pack a lot in in 3 days! And it looked like you ate well!! I have always had New Orleans on my list, but now I want to take my kids!

  9. I wouldn’t have thought of taking kids to New Orleans (I always associate it with Mardi Gras), but it looks like you found tons of fun stuff to do with them!

  10. Yum, yum, and oh, yum. I definitely would gain 12 lbs eating beignets. I have a cousin who lives in the city and she always says there is live music going on. I love that.

  11. Haven’t been since I was a kid! Reading this makes me want to go right now! Love that you had a local crawfish boil experience via the hosts of your gorgeous AirBnB!!

  12. I was lucky enough to visit New Orleans in 2017 for a work conference. I loved it so much. I hope to be back.

  13. I love New Orleans, especially the food! I agree that it can be a great family destination, there is so much more than bourbon street!

  14. Love the culture and food of Louisiana. I only traveled for business so my touring was limited. However, with all the business meetings I got to dine in some of their best restaurants. Thanks for sharing all the other wonderful attractions. One day I will go back for pleasure.

  15. I love it when people share their travel itineraries and lodging info! It makes planning family vacays so much easier. Thank you! Loved your photos, too.

  16. I love finding things to do with kids on trips! It looks like there was plenty for the whole family to enjoy! How cool that you could eat a Emril’s restaurant, and that swamp tour looks super fun!

  17. Thanks so much for sharing! We learned a lot and will take these options in when visiting the city!

  18. So much fun! I experienced New Orleans when it was abnormally cold for them so not a lot was open. The cemetery looks like a cool experience. I agree that you don’t really need a car there, the street car does the trick.

  19. What a great trip! I normally think of NOLA as a party spot so I would have not thought of taking kids there.

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