1. It all looks amazing! We used to have a German restaurant in town, owned and operated by a woman from Germany. The food was outstanding. I’m vegan now and can’t eat most of it, however your photos bring back fond memories!

  2. I have not been to Wiesbaden, but grew up visiting my family in the Stuttgart area. When we took the kids to Germany a couple of years ago, we were able to try most of the items on this list with them! Some are definitely a Bavarian thing!

  3. I’m happy stollen is on the list, it’s a Christmas morning tradition in my family, and I live for sauerkraut!

  4. Fascinating! I’ve spent a lot of time in Germany, but only in the Wiesbaden/Frankfurt area. Stuttgart and Munich aren’t that far – but I wonder if it’s a different region? Asking because your list of the best German foods have many items that aren’t familiar to me, and many places I’ve seen have charcuterie for breakfast – which is really odd for American tastes!
    Gluwein is one of my favorite things that I’ve had in Germany – I adore the Christmas markets!
    I’m going to send this to my daughter who lives there – I think she’ll get a kick out of it. BTW, I’m really impressed that your kids tried the pig knuckle!

  5. Wow you guys got to try so much! So glad you included the beer though! That would be my first stop lol!

  6. The last time I was in Germany I was pregnant and couldn’t eat anything! How depressing is that! Can’t wait to go back, now I will know what to order!

  7. I love German food! This list is having me plan a stop at a nearby German restaurant soon!!

  8. Great list! My family has a German background so we are already familiar with many things on here but there are a few things I have yet to try!

  9. So many great facts. I had no idea sparkling mineral water had natural bubbles! And that Germans have a cold buffet for dinner. And those pretzels just looked insane. Very interesting post.

  10. I have been too afraid to try German food. I thought it was extra spicy. I think my favorites would definetly be some of those pasta and pastry dishes for sure.

  11. Now I’m hungry. I love german food especially schnitzel. I try them in Vienna for the first time in 2016. Last year during the pandemic lockdown we had created a culinary Spring Break at home and we made Schnitzel one out of the 5 meal. The kids never had them before and it was a hit!

  12. I love a good bratwurst with strudel for dessert, but reading this I need to step out of my all-time favorites and check out some more German dishes! Great read!! I’m hungry!

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