1. Thanks Holly! Don’t forget to sink your teeth into the chocolate… it’s divine!! 😁😁

  2. Love love love the photos. What a beautiful country. We are partial to trips where we can get out and walk so I definitely think this is something we could sink our teeth into!Thank you!

  3. I cannot wait until international travel opens up again. I’ve been to countries around Switzerland, but that one remains on my bucket list! Adding this to my research pile! Your photos are amazing! Also, I’m a huge fan of fondue.

  4. Such a beautiful place! Switzerland is on my travel list. I saw the pig alcove. What an interesting story…and so sad the artist didn’t get paid in full.

  5. Interesting history of the lion and what an amazing sculpture it is. MY favorite is also the wooden bridge and how you describe it plus the view overlooking the bridge. The flowers hang in the side make it more magical! I’m glad you are having a good time.

  6. Switzerland is the dreamiest looking destination to me, I can’t wait to make it there someday. These are great photos and it looks like you all covered a lot of ground during your two days. Thanks for the ideas!

  7. This looks so beautiful! I have been wanting to go to Switzerland, so when we do, I’ll definitely make sure we stop there.

  8. Wow. I always knew I wanted to get to Switzerland. Love the detail in this post. Definitely some places I’ll need to check out! My kids would love the CabriO cable car!

  9. I am drooling over the thought of spending two days anywhere in Switzerland! I’ve only been one, for one day, and not to Lucerne. Beautiful!

  10. Wow, just wow! I’m in awe and envy at the same time! What a gorgeous, magical place! You’ve sold me 1000%! Thank you for allowing me to visit virtually through your lovely photos!

  11. What a jaw dropping city. The artwork is just beautiful. I especially loved learning the history behind the lion, such talent to create that masterpiece.

  12. It’s too bad about the ugly fondue experience. It looks like the rest of the trip was fabulous. It looks like a beautiful place. I hope to have the opportunity to visit one day.

  13. You and your family have such amazing trips. So impressed. Love the story of the lion and the face is so moving. But I must admit, I lingered on the fondue and fries pictures for a bit. Sounds great. Thanks so much for sharing. Great memories for sure.

  14. Fabulous pictures! It looks so amazing there. The scenery is breathtaking! The cable car must have been a really cool way to see all that!

  15. What am amazing trip! I would live to visit. I did see the pig in the lion monument, at first, it is was hard for me to see with the beauty the lion. Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventures!

  16. I enjoyed all your photos of these parts of Switzerland, which I visited long ago and am glad to see is still lovely. Of course I zeroed in on your food experience – what a shame it was so bad!

  17. I am planning a Europe trip with my family in a few years I have always wanted to visit Switzerland, I may add it on the list.

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